Leading digital

Changing consumer demand, technology and competition drives to revenue generation.

Trading desk

Media planning
buying booking

Technology innovation

Efficiency is an opportunity to growth


Personalised messages
adaptive advertising
multivariate optimisation
cross device targeting
sales increase

Analytics, research

AInsight “bank” dig out the consumers who fits to your brand uncover hidden insights.


Strategy & recommendation native advertising (contextual, personalised, behavioural) modular revenue share model.

Instead of instant media buying “success” stories we built a continuous 365 care relationship.

Emerging powerful ideas in surface, create insights, develop strategy, find the right audiences, increase effectiveness, save money, add revenue

Earn Voice

more than

you paid

At The End Of “ECHO Effect” Era
We Start The
“Revenue Contributor Role” Era
be a VOICE not an ECHO.

Assessing the impact of media investments, Uncovering critical marketing factors, Planning the right strategy to take full communication advantage of the competition, Maximizing media investments ROI in the short term and generate additional value on brand equity in long term.

From Hounding GRPS CPR CTR OTS Clicks/Likes… To A New Approach In Communication Strategy and Media Planning

We Offer

01/Strategy and Planning

Through in depth analysis of any industry and competition, we accumulate insight and deliver ideas to guide us to the final goals.

02/Digital Advertising

We have the tools to ensure maximum ROI and optimally-performing ad spend.

03/Content Development

We create content (words, images, video) that brings to life the brand’s character, always keeping in mind the target audience.

04/Insights & Analytics

We use of the latest platforms, for monitoring and analytics

05/Paid search, SEM, SEO

Our knowledge and attention to detail ensures high results.

Moving the competition pressure to communication opportunities, creating the:


Media Strategy & Planning


Buying & Negotiations


Optimization, Learnings